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Use lasers and wits to solve puzzles in Laserbreak 2, now out for Google Play


Released by errorsevendev, Laserbreak 2 may be the sequel to Laserbreak. As one might suspect, and judging from the name, players uses lasers, their environment, and their wits in order to destroy each level’s target. The game contains 28 levels to begin, plus free levels releases daily, as well as bonus levels. Each level is made to work somewhat like ...

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Nintendo releases an official timeline for their first mobile app, Miitomo. Pre-registration begins in two weeks.


Miitomo, Nintendo’s upcoming “social toy” of the app, presently has a timeline for release that’s official. For those unacquainted with what Miitomo is, and missed our previous articles about it, this is essentially a Tomodachi style of game but using Miis (The Nintendo Wii/Wii U avatars). Per Nintendo’s announcement today, prospective players can soon pre-register for his or her Miitomo ...

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Plants vs Zombies 2 starts up a 13-day Valenbrainz Event today


Plants vs Zombies 2 normally has special in-game events themed after most holidays and Valentine’s isn’t any exception towards the rule. Beginning today players can take part in a brand new 13-day Valenbrainz Event featuring new plants, levels, costumes, zombies, and more. Then, immediately after this event ends, the Modern Day Part 2 update will arrive for Plants vs Zombies ...

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Cumulus from Twisted Legacy Productions is a crazy new Tetris spin-off game


One game which has survived generations of advancement in technology and in the gaming industry as a whole is Tetris. The simple arcade puzzler of falling blocks is definitely fun to kill some time with. There has been lots of Tetris spin-offs to arrive in the last many Cumulus is really a brand new one that’s available these days on ...

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Solve crosswords using visual clues in One Clue Crossword, now out for Google Play


Released by AppyNation, One Clue Crossword is really a new puzzler available for Android. The game contains over 150 puzzles which are spread out over ten different chapters, as well as an assurance of more to time in future updates. What makes this game somewhat unique is how the clues are delivered. Players receive a crossword puzzle, along with a ...

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Final Fantasy 2 is now available for free for a limited time through the Final Fantasy Portal app


Generally people prefer to explain the pricing Square Enix does with their mobile games, simply because it doesn’t stick to the $0.99-$2.99 budget range most games come under. Instead their titles are often $7.99-$15.99 in price. But also for a limited time you now have the opportunity to snag Final Fantasy 2 for Android for the discounted price of FREE. ...

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See how high you can build your tower using odd shapes in Crystal Stacker


Released by Positive Jet, Crystal Stacker is really a new physics based puzzler for Android. The aim of this game is straightforward, which is to observe how high a player can build a tower with the materials deliver to confirmed level. The sport includes 75 different levels that are disseminate over three distinct worlds. Players will have to work with ...

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Half-Life 2 Review: A classic shooter that still holds up today


Released by Valve, Half-Life 2 is definitely an icon of voodoo gaming as a whole, not just its genre of First-Person Shooting. The sport can be obtained for weekday In my opinion is anything running Nvidia’s SOC, and outright requires a controller to experience. Never playing a Half-Life game before, I had been quite excited in the opportunity. I’ve spent ...

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