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Funimation Entertainment reveals the release time frame for the official Attack On Titan mobile game


There has been a good amount of great anime’s being released in the last year, and some of these end up getting very popular. One of those popular shows happens to be Attack On Titan, which already includes a second spin-off series airing and other associated products, one of which is actually its very own official mobile game. The official ...

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IGG celebrates the 2yr anniversary for Clash of Lords 2 with an update


IGG’s Clash of Lords 2 game on Android has hit the 2yr old mark, and also to celebrate the company has released an update for it. While area of the update adds features and new heroes just like as though it were a typical update, the other portion adds several goodies for players to enjoy which are themed round the ...

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[Update: Shield Support and Sale] Rockstar Games quietly releases Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories onto Google Play


Rockstar Games will quickly quietly release a new Grand Theft Auto game onto Android today called Liberty City Stories. If you are keeping track of what’s what, this would be the ninth installment into the Grand Theft Auto franchise as a whole, and was originally released for that Playstation Portable back in 2005. Update: March 3rd, 2016 10:12am PST: Rockstar ...

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Korean RPG Buddy Rush has a sequel rolling out at the end of the month


Released by Sollmo, Buddy Rush 2 is the sequel towards the original Buddy Rush, and is being presented onto Android. Such as the first one, the game’s visuals are focused on being “cute’, therefore the characters are all rendered with large heads on smallish bodies, within an almost doll-like fashion. All of the characters, controlled by players or NPC, good ...

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[UPDATE: New DLC Available] Rayark releases a trailer for new content coming in Implosion: Last Man Standing


Rayark Games once we have mentioned previously, makes some pretty amazing looking games. We had heard from Rayark whenever we interviewed them this past year, ?there would be an update for their popular game, Implosion: Never Lose Hope. Rayark just released a brand new trailer for that update, entitled Last Man Standing. We can not wait for this new content ...

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Tesla Tubes is a new puzzler heading to Android later this month


Kiloo Games have announced their newest title, called Tesla Tubes, will be launching onto mobile devices later this month. This particular game is an interesting little puzzler where players will be attempting to connect the matching batteries and cover your circuit board with tubes to power up an enchanting machine park. While this can be a puzzle game at its ...

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Sequentia is a new arcade game that is all about numbers in sequence


Indie developer DodoDroid has released a simple but challenging new arcade game called Sequentia. Such as the title suggests, this game is about tapping on numbers in sequential order. The challenge comes in when you understand that you must do this as fast as possible. Players are given the job of tapping on numbers because they appear, from smallest to ...

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Find your fortune deep within a deadly cave in The Greedy Cave, now out on Google Play


Released by Avalon Games, The Greedy Cave is really a new roguelike game for the Android platform. Set in the kingdom of Iblis, in the far north of the continent of Milton, lies a cave with treasure housed deep within. Iblis is a kingdom where its inhabitants live lives of hardship, just scraping by, per day to day existence. Iblis ...

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