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Turn-based dungeon crawler Dungenious will be landing on Android next week


Next week on April 14th is popping right into a pretty busy release day for Android games there are even more being announced for your Thursday, with the newest title being Dungenious. Developed by Noizoo Games, this turn-based dungeon crawler is actually a little bit of an unusual hybrid game, meshing dungeon crawler with RPG mechanics along with a quiz ...

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Warhammer 40,000 Eisenhorn: Xenos will be arriving later this year for Android


Eisenhorn: Xenos from the Warhammer 40,000 universe is going to be landing on the number of platforms this season, with mobile gamers getting their copy within the other half of 2016. Developed by Pixel Hero Games, Eisenhorn: Xenos is going to be taking what happens within the physical books, and making it into a 3D action-adventure game. Eisenhorn: Xenos may ...

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Dodge a lot bullets and shoot down enemies in Gunbird II, now available from Google Play


Released by mobrix, Gundbird II is really a new entry in to the bullet hell Gunbird franchise. Like other entries in this genre, players will fly overhead, dodging enemy projectiles while shooting down as much as possible. Within this game, players are controlling a flying character, as opposed to a gunship of sorts. There are a total of six different ...

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Brain Fruit makes its way from Apple Watch to Android including Android Wear today


Brain Fruit by Rock N Glory is a game which was originally released for the Apple Watch not long ago. Since that time the developers have been focusing on bringing their game to Android and as nowadays Brain Fruit has become readily available for not only Android phones, however for Android Wear as well. This particular game is actually 3 ...

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Keep pipes clear and water flowing in Drain Pipe Contract, now available for Android


Released by Titli Studio, Drain Pipe Contract is really a new take on the classic puzzler Fantasy. In Drain Pipe Contract, players want to manage the plumbing for five different islands, all named following the boroughs of recent York City. These islands contain 55 different puzzles, where in each of them players will start having a board which contains an ...

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Wage war over scarce minerals in MechCom 2 – a 3D RTS game now available on Google Play


Released by Game Dev Team, MechCom 2 is a new RTS game for that Android platform. Pulling its inspiration from Warzone 2100, farmville is placed on the plant of Tiberius, where resources are being fought over. Players will assume the function of the unnamed, yet distinguished, military commander, given the job of the ranks of 1 from the competing corporations ...

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Ragnarok Mobile has a new trailer released. Arriving later this Summer.


The Ragnarok franchise in general has been around for quite a while, mainly as an online MMORPG. However, over the past few years the franchise has branched out in to the world of mobile gaming as well. This includes the discharge of games like Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie yet others. There’s a new title in the works that is being developed ...

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