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Retrieve your missing young ones in Lunata Rescue, now out on Google Play


Released by Insignia Games, Lunata Rescue is really a new platformer for Android. In this game, players will assume the role of a small insect, eponymously named Lunata. Unfortunately for Lunata’s colony, wasps have invaded at the behest from the evil queen Donatella, and performed a good bit of baby snatching. Thus, it is incumbent upon Lunata (and also the ...

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Spellbinders is Kiloo’s latest game and it is coming to Android soon


Kiloo is usually recognized for their gargantuan hit Subway Surfers. They’ve other great games too. They intend to increase their impressive listing of games with a new MOBA called Spellbinders. It’ll arrive for Android and iOS, April 28th.? Hot on the heels of releasing Tesla Tubes just over a week ago, Kiloo is going to be adding to their listing ...

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Galactic Pizza is a new retro-style arcade puzzler from Orme Studio


Orme Studios have released their newest game onto Android today called Galactic Pizza, that is a retro-style arcade puzzler. In this game players will take around the role of the inter-galactic pizza boy who had his delivery stolen from him in a strong-arm heist by a few rather mean, and hungry, aliens. In order to get back the slices of ...

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PC-based tactical RPG called Dragon Fin Soup will be arriving onto Android soon


Grimm Bros has announced their new PC-based tactical RPG called Dragon Fin Soup will be landing on Android later this season. This specific game is really a roguelike tactical RPG which is actually getting a big update within the immediate future for that PC version. The mobile version may also be coming with this particular update too, that is titled ...

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Popular YouTuber KSI will be getting his own beat ’em up mobile game this Summer called KSI Unleashed


The trend of celebrities and popular YouTubers getting their very own mobile game continues with the announcement that another popular YouTuber named KSI is going to be launching his own game later come july 1st. KSI is really a well-known YouTuber, mainly in the UK although he does possess a large following everywhere, that has just over 16 million subscribers ...

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Koplayer Android/Windows emulator officially launches today


Windows users already have a few options available to them with regards to running Android on your PC, and today a replacement has officially launched called Koplayer. This application allows you to run a number of instances of Android fitted machine. Koplayer is a ‘plug-n-play’ application where you do the installation and you’re available it immediately with having the ability ...

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Square Enix releases details about their upcoming Kingdom Heart Unchained X game for mobile


Back during E3 2015, Disney and Square Enix says they’d be bringing their Kingdom Hearts franchise to mobile with a game called Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key. Now this is that game from what we should understand, and it is being released now for Android gamers to sink their time into. For those of you who’ve been following a entire Kingdom ...

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Meet Dream Team, a new indie game studio by Scott Miller and Lee Perry. Their first game is Boxy Kingdom.


Two veterans of the video game industry have come together to create a new indie game development studio called Dream Team, which is a suitable name considering who the 2 founders happen to be. One founder is Scott Miller, who is also the founding father of 3D Realms and co-creator of games for example Wolfenstein 3D. Another is Lee Perry, ...

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