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Square Enix begins celebrating Final Fantasy: Record Keeper turning 1yr old with events and giveaways


Square Enix has begun celebrating the first birthday of the Final Fantasy: Record Keeper title on mobile by having an update to the game. This update brings with it a brand new rare item players can try to earn, as well as a hardly any other rare items being up for offering free of charge. The newly added item is ...

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ImpactBlue Studios releases Sky Hop Saga for Android


ImpactBlue Studios relies in Sydney, New South Wales. They have created a curious and intriguing world within their game Sky Hop Saga. It is an intense and fun little puzzle game, that might be yourself playing over and over, simply to get a higher score. The sport was recently released for Android/iOS. ImpactBlue Studios calls this game an endless arcade ...

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Rovio’s latest game Battle Bay has soft launched in select regions


Rovio’s latest game isn’t another entry into the Angry Birds series. Rovio has decided to take to the high seas, and concentrate on naval warfare… in a way. Battle Bay is an impressive looking multiplayer game, that will certainly possess a lot of people interested in checking it. The sport has soft-launched in a few select regions and if you ...

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[Update: Game Released] Mediocre Games Studio will release their newest game DIRAC March 10th for Android


Mediocre Game Studio has released some pretty awesome games for Android/iOS. Their latest release is coming to Android and iOS March 10th. In a thirty second trailer which was released today, we obtain a peek of what’s in the future. Obviously it appears interesting! We’re referring to Mediocre Games here, the creators of Granny Smith, Sprinkle, Hit and doesn’t Commute. ...

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Funky Panda Games bring Monster Mountain to Google Play


Beyond having one of the coolest names for a game development company, Funky Panda Games has recently released their game Monster Mountain for Android. The sport was released a short time ago on iOS. Now you have a chance to play this turn-based action game that sports an intriguing story, strategical gameplay and fantastic art. Yes, when you say Funky ...

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Gamevil is now hosting a closed beta test for their upcoming Masquerade game


Gamevil has started closed beta testing a new game for mobile called Masquerade. This particular game is a side-scrolling action RPG title where players can pick one of the three available classes to play as, before venturing out into the game’s world to begin beating on the number of different bad guys. Masquerade has a bit of a futuristic theme ...

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[Update: Game Released] Nexon soft launches their new roguelike Action-RPG Legacy Quest onto Android in select regions


Nexon has soft launched certainly one of their upcoming Android games called Legacy Quest in select regions, getting the game ready for its worldwide release soon. Legacy Quest is Action-RPG title with roguelike elements and plenty of dungeon crawling to do as well. UPDATE: Thursday, March 10th – 2:44 AM, PST: It appears that Nexon has finally made Legacy Quest ...

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It’s that time again… GDC 2016 and DroidGamers is present!


It’s that time of year again. We have lost an hour rest, Spring is almost here… and the Game Developers Conference takes place right now. There are some huge events held every year, for those that take part in the sport industry. This is the spot to find out about everything most people are working on. It’s exciting and exhausting, ...

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