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Albion Online’s next update will be introducing new death mechanics, repairing on the go, and more


The ever eternal beta running cross-platform MMORPG called Albion On the internet is preparing for its next major update which will be arriving this month. This update is going to be introducing new mechanics and features, some of which are likely to make player’s lives a hell of the lot better. I’m talking mainly concerning the ability to repair gear ...

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[UPDATE: Game Released] Test your competitive mettle in upcoming speedrunner-style game Rope Racers


To be released by Small Giant Games, Rope Racer is a 2D racing game that’s set to reach on Android in a few days. The game will have a heavy concentrate on multiplayer. When racing, players will face nine other real competitors, to see who can become the greatest rope racer of all time. UPDATE: Thursday, March 17th – 8:31 ...

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Dig Deep – An Intergalactic Mining Adventure from Noodlecake and Flippancy Studios gets a new teaser trailer


Noodlecake and Flippancy Studios have released a brand new teaser trailer for his or her upcoming game Search hard – An Intergalactic Mining Adventure. While there isn’t a lot of details about this particular title, we’ll get to know it quite intimately at GDC whenever we check it out in person. However, what we should do know is this fact ...

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Barrier X is a new flying reflex arcade game from Noclip Games


NoClip Games as released a new aerial arcade game onto Android called Barrier X. This game, unlike Glyder which we reported on yesterday, is a fast-paced flying game where you will be trying to avoid all sorts of obstacles coming out you at a rather fast pace, and seeking to outlive provided possible. Barrier X features a small retro 3D ...

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Early Preview: Story, Art, Music and Stealth Come Together in City Run London. Coming to Android Soon.


City Quests Media and Sine Wave Entertainment, has pulled out all of the stops, to create a grand production for his or her first game, City Run London. Though City Quests Media is definitely an independent developer, all the hard work which has gone into this title, is really impressive. If you want stealth-based game play, you will be drawn ...

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The Dark Fist update for Punch Club is now available with fight betting, new features and more


Back in February we reported that Punch Club would be getting a rather large free DLC to be able to celebrate the sport breaking $2 million in sales mark. Well tinyBuild has pushed the new update, known as the Dark Fist, for those version of the game including the Android one. To celebrate the update’s release, Punch Club can also ...

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Gunjack will be making the leap from the Gear VR to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive


Popular Gear VR game Gunjack will be arriving to 2 other major Virtual Reality headsets in the near future, those to be the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Originally announced like a PC game, the developers went ahead and made a VR version for that Samsung Gear VR headset from the ground up. Now it will likely be launching later ...

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Animoca launches their new Rhythm-based game Groove Planet


Animoca has released their new Rhythm-based game onto Android today called Groove Planet. This isn’t your typical music game through, where you have to worry about tapping along to particular beat. With this game you’re actually developing a planet through the use of the game’s music. Players will end up mayor of the planet crafted around music, and will also ...

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