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Free the land of Acilion from its curse in Celsius Heroes, coming soon to Android


Released by Celsius Online, Celsius Heroes is made to be considered a “mid-core” RPG, where things begin on the simple and casual side, and gradually moves into something deeper, with a heavy focus on characters and decision making. The developers are claiming inspiration from the likes of Dungeon Master, Eye from the beholder II, Might and Magic IV, and the ...

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Codeweavers shows off a Steam game client running on the Android OS


Codeweavers’ Crossover is a program that enables Linux and Mac to operate some Windows programs. Although this may not seem overly associated with Steam running on Android at first, last year Codeweavers announced they could be focusing on bringing their software to Android. This would mean that users of Crossover on Android would then have the ability to run some ...

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Republique’s final chapter, Terminus, is now available on Google Play


Republique is a stealth-based adventure game which has been released by Camouflaj. We’ve previously discussed the game’s final episode, called Terminus, coming this month. This game continues to be released in a set of five chapters, with the final chapter finally being released today. The story of the game involves the thought of dangers that are inherent to surveillance. In ...

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The newest Humble Mobile Bundle is out with Grim Fandango, Desktop Dungeons, and more


The newest Humble Mobile Bundle (#17) has arrived and this particular one is actually filled with great games. This is probably among the finest Humble Mobile Bundles we have seen in awhile, and it falls under the three tier system instead of the usual two tier system. The three tier system, for anyone not familiar with it, runs basically the ...

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Telltale Games reveals details about their upcoming Batman series and a new series announcement coming tomorrow as well


Telltale Games happen to be busy little bees it seems and today the company revealed several details about their upcoming Batman series they originally announced last year. In addition, the company also offers a big announcement to create tomorrow about two other series, one being Minecraft Storymode (the appearance of Episode 5) and a new series coming in the near ...

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Ortus Arena is an adaptation of a board game for mobile devices that’s now in beta


Ortus Arena is the adaptation of a game by Firebrush Studios which will soon be accessible for some different platforms, one of which being Android. This particular game includes a hexagon-filled playing area where players will be controlling their Warlord and subsequent soldiers as they undertake their opponent for domination. Players will be controlling a warlord who is defying his ...

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See how high you can keep your character jumping in Beat Jump, now out in Google Play


Released by Underwater Apps, Beat Jumper is a new tower jumper for the Android platform. Players will look to determine how high they can climb the “Disco Tower”, a la Doodle Jump. Why is farmville different is how it rewards players. The faster players come to a decision, the larger the player can jump. Controls are side-to-side, with every from ...

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[Update: Game Released] Coming next week, Sega’s Total War Battles: KINGDOM has an official release date


As we previously reported on here, Total War Battles: Kingdom is a new Real-Time Strategy game visiting Android. Set throughout the Dark ages, players will over see the development of their own kingdom, Players will have to oversee multiple areas of their territory, which range from its economy, its population growth, building towns and castles, and even expanding its borders. ...

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