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We’re back from GDC 2016, here’s what to expect over the next few days

As you are probably aware of, we have been at GDC 2016 all a week ago, with Jaymes and Ryan holding on the fort here. We are back and we have plenty to report on, making this just a bit of a round-up of what you will probably find over the next 3 days here on DroidGamers. (Hint: There is lots)

We’ve been focusing on a few big projects during the last 12 months, and this week appears like it will be their launch times, pending any sudden issues of course. We have been beta testing a brand new design for our site having a lot of additional features, a lot of that are interactive. As you probably know, we’ve always attempted to be as community driven as you possibly can, and lots of these additional features are coming from that, so our readers could be more part of DroidGamers. Obviously we will review everything once the new design launches inside a separate post.

Another feature we have been working on and are now in the center of closed beta testing is something we’re calling DroidGamers TV, or DroidTV/DTV for short. This is essentially our very own cable television channel online. While streaming content, live or recorded, on the web is nothing new, this new platform permits us to pull our content from YouTube, YouTube Gaming, Twitch, and a number of other sources, and achieving it play all in one location. This can run 24hrs each day, 7 days a week, One year annually. We’ll have concert events, recorded gameplay and content, live event coverage, mobile eSports coverage, and so forth. And since this runs like a cable channel, things are on a schedule, so that you can always know whenever your favorite show is coming on. There is a lot more features than mentioned here, case the general idea behind DroidTV.

If you have in mind beta testing DroidTV over the next couple of days, you can apply to our closed beta community for it here. Once approved, there will be instructions, additional information, and pretty much everything else you would need to know. If you’re a streamer (developers or otherwise), the application to possess your stream syndicated on DroidTV will go live later this week.

The GDCPlay Meeting Lounge just before closing on Friday

As for that immediate next day or two, we will be posting our hands-on goodness from GDC along with the exclusive information we’ve in regards to a few games coming to Android. As you may have guessed, the 2010 GDC was heavily centered on Virtual Reality, so we possess some interesting news regarding that as well. We will be also making up ground on news we may have not managed to post a week ago as initially planned. It was a really busy GDC, but a good one nonetheless.

We also have a couple of giveaways happening this week like a thank you to our wonderful readers for your patience with last week’s slow posting available in Android gaming land. Stay tuned for those details coming shortly.

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