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Android Game Sale Round-Up: Hitman Sniper, Tiny Guardians, Doomdark’s Revenge and much more

It’s Friday and time for another Android game sale round-up! Now Square Enix has put both Hitman GO and Hitman Sniper for sale for any short time. Radiangames has all their games for sale right now from the other week, in case you missed obtaining any of those.

There’s a number of good games on sale now being added to the list, such as Doomdark’s Revenge and also the Lords of Midnight. Punch Club can also be for sale for a short time to celebrate the discharge of the game’s new DLC known as the Dark Fist. So without further delay, here’s this week’s list of Android games on sale.

Square Enix Android Games for sale:

Hitman Sniper (Playboard) | Hitman Sniper (Play Store)
Hitman GO (Playboard) | Hitman GO (Play Store)

Radiangames titles for sale:

Ballistic (Playboard) | Ballistic (Play Store)
Bombcats (Playboard) | Bombcats (Play Store)
Fireball (Playboard) | Fireball (Play Store)
Fluid (Playboard) | Fluid (Play Store)
Inferno 2 (Playboard) | Inferno 2 (Play Store)
Super Crossfighter (Playboard) | Super Crossfighter (Play Store)
Inferno+ (Playboard) | Inferno+ (Play Store)
JoyJoy (Playboard) | JoyJoy (Play Store)
SideSwype (Playboard) | SideSwype (Play Store)
Crush (Playboard) | Crush (Play Store)
Slydris (Playboard) | Slydris (Play Store)

Android Games for sale:

Punch Club (Playboard) | Punch Club (Play Store)
Tiny Guardians (Playboard) | Tiny Guardians (Play Store)
Star Traders (Playboard) | Star Traders (Play Store)
Cyber Knights (Playboard) | Cyber Knights (Play Store)
Missing (Playboard) | Missing (Play Store)
Doomdark’s Revenge (Playboard) | Doomdark’s Revenge (Play Store)
Dungeon Raid (Playboard) | Dungeon Raid (Play Store)
Lords of Midnight (Playboard) | Lords of Midnight (Play Store)
Castle of Illusion (Playboard) | Castle of Illusion (Play Store)
DuckTales: Remastered (Playboard) | Ducktales: Remastered (Play Store)
Rochard (Playboard) | Rochard (Play Store)
AirAttack HD (Playboard) | AirAttack HD (Play Store)
Bombing Bastards (AndroidTV) (Playboard) | Bombing Bastards (AndroidTV) (Play Store)
Final Dusk (Playboard) | Final Dusk (Play Store)
Frozen Story Theater (Playboard) | Frozen Story Theater (Play Store)
European War 3 (Playboard) | European War 3 (Play Store)
QbQbQb (Playboard) | QbQbQb (Play Store)
Rambo (Playboard) | Rambo (Play Store)
Oddworld: Munchs Odyssey (Playboard) | Oddworld: Munchs Odyssey (Play Store)
Dungeoneers (Playboard) | Dungeoneers (Play Store)
Volt (Playboard) | Volt (Play Store)
Divide by Sheep (Playboard) | Divide by Sheep (Play Store)

Like always, if you happen to spot a game title that’s on sale but not on our list, tell us in the comments below so everybody else can engage in it.

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