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SMG Studio brings the dazzling and intense Thumb Drift to Android

SMG Studio hailing from the darkest jungles of Sydney, Australia (This is how they describe their location.) has released a truly fantastic driving game. It can be tough as nails and rage-inducing, before you get used to the one-button controls though. However, when you do, Thumb Drift – Furious Racing is a treat to experience and has plenty of visual splash.

If you have ever played any great racing games that provide you the chance to drift, you know how exciting it may be. It almost feels like you’re losing charge of your automobile, while you narrowly careen around an item. SMG Studio, creators of previous games such as Yet another Line, One More Dash (This can be a personal favorite of mine.) and OTTTD, recently released Thumb Drift – Furious Racing for Android. The game looks great, plays great and is free-to-play. Before anyone gets in arms, there is only one item to cover, and that is to unlock the game to get rid of the ads. It can be done for approximately $2.00 plus some change.

SMG Studio has created a game title that’s challenging and engaging to experience, with one-button controls. You touch the screen (With your thumb) to get your car to begin drifting. You move your thumb left or right to choose the direction by which your car will drift. There isn’t any brakes and you do not have to be worried about acceleration either. This will make the sport a little more simple when you begin to play. However, what you should find is this fact game is not easy. It can be downright tough. Once you get the hang of it, it’s very rewarding to drag off a long drift, through one of the four different environments.

The four different levels hanging around include: Gymkhana, Forest Road, Lumino City and Ice Road. It might appear like there is not enough related to only four levels, but trust me, there is plenty to complete. Allow me to digress as it were here and say it would be nice to have a free ride mode. Simply because the environments that SMG has created are pretty engaging, especially Lumino City. The only problem is when you spend a lot of time exploring the background, you’ll encounter a wall and see your vehicle break into smithereens. Back to discussing the levels. SMG has made it relatively easy to unlock the levels. You primarily have to drive the required distances in the game to unlock them. It’s not necessary to be worried about spending coins to do so. Just drive good sir or good lady! Drive and drift!

There are numerous goals that you have to complete. Once you have accomplished one, another appears. For example, a goal as simple as collecting 9 coins might sound easy, well… it’s not if you do not understand how to pull off a good drift. Drifting is all about timing and finding the right line to begin your drift. There are no aids to help you to pick your line either. This isn’t bad at all. What it means is you are going to have to practice and discover the craft of drifting.

Thumb Drift – Furious Racing Features:

  • Over 60 fully unlicensed cars to unlock + more to come
  • Simple one thumb controls
  • Addictive drifting gameplay
  • Original soundtrack with 4 pumping tunes
  • Challenge your pals for that top score
  • Cutting edge, flat shaded, low poly graphics
  • Groundbreaking Carticle Technology

As well as the great drifting fun you will have, you will also have the ability to unlock additional cars. There are several great cars to drift around the corners in. Much like what made Crossy Road popular, you will use coins to unlock the additional cars, and very often, you receive a free car. The free cars popped up pretty regularly, and so i didn’t seem like I had been coin hunting simply to unlock cars. This allows you to focus on purely drifting with the different environments.

Though the game’s aesthetics happen to be simplified, they’re still impressive. Just the right touches have been added to the low-poly graphics. When i have discussed earlier, some games work really well in portrait mode and others don’t. Even though Thumb Drift is played in portrait mode it works well. The graphics and gameplay translate well from phone to tablet. The background music is nice too, which really amps you up while playing the sport. The soundtracks are made by BATTERIE and could be available on SoundCloud if you’re interested in checking the artist out.

Thumb Drift is integrated with Google Action Services with Leaderboards and 40 achievements to unlock. You can’t go wrong downloading this free-to-play game. You will get rid of the ads for a small price, there’s plenty of gaming to take part in, and the game is really a blast to play. Just keep in mind that the difficulty level is set a bit higher. Sure, it may take a moment to obtain accustomed to the controls and how quickly the sport moves, but it’s worthwhile. If you are feeling the requirement for speed, take a look no beyond Thumb Drift – Furious Racing. Who wouldn’t love a game that has quotes from Colin McRae, Smokey and also the Bandit and Ricky Bobby of Talladega Nights.

Google Play:?Thumb Drift – Furious Racing

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