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Try to conquer the world in the 19th century in Colonial Conquest, now available from Google Play

Released by Argonauts Interactive, Colonial Conquest is a new strategy game that’s been released on to Android. Occur the late 19th century, players will oversee one of many regional powers that have global domination aspirations. Players will assume the role among the heads of state from one from the following nations: United States, Uk, Germany, France, Russia, or Japan.

Each of the aforementioned countries qualify inside the game as “Major Nations”, could be controlled with a person, AI, or be tabbed as “neutral” and behave like any of the other “minor” nations inside the game. The gameplay is turn-based, with one turn equating roughly to a single season. Each turn contains three phases (Accumulating armed forces, Constructing fortifications, economics, espionage, etc, and Combat).

Colonial Conquest Features:

– Go back to the era of Golden Warfare and rule one of handful of powers that’s shaping the face in our present world.
– Sail, ride and march across the globe as your nation flexes its military and economic muscles.
– Supplement brawn with subterfuge and employ cloak and dagger tactics for example subversion and espionage.
– Contend with the European hegemons within their final golden days before they engulfed the planet in the flames of the first global war.
– Play among the then two raising behemoths: america of the usa or Imperial Japan; or as one of the main European power to roll it well within their boundaries.
– Play against the AI or other human claimants towards the mastery of our planet.

Colonial Conquest offers three different scenarios of play: 1880 inside a historical setting, 1914 with historic starting points, and ~1870 inside a free for all.? Play continues until each one nation has accrued probably the most Victory Points at the end of the time-frame, or even the first to hit a collection quantity of VPs, based on settings and scenario.

Colonial Conquest is now available from Google Play for a flat $3.99. You can check out ths game’s trailer below to see some of the gameplay ahead of buying it.

Colonial Conquest (Playboard) | Colonial Conquest (Play Store)

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