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[Updated: Winners!] Fans of Monument Vally should check out this new puzzler: Evo Explores. We’re giving away 10 promo codes as well!

Released by Stampede Games, Evo Explores is really a new puzzler for Android. Designed in the same style as Monument Valley, farmville uses optical illusions and M C Escher style visuals to become the framework for the puzzles. Within this game, players will be assuming the eponymous role of Evo, just a little robo, whose job it is to understand more about other planets.

Update: February 18th, 2016 3:06pm PST: The randomly selected winners for the promo code giveaway have been selected! If your name is incorporated in the list at the end want to know ,, you’ll be getting an email from us together with your promo code. Enjoy and congrats!

Oddly enough for Evo, he ends up exploring what appears to be an abandoned world known as the Byte Planet. What sets that apart is the fact that, around the Byte Planet, the traditional laws of physics don’t apply. For example, should there be a spot in a pathway, that gap is no longer “there” if the player can hide it from view. As players continue to explore this mysterious world, they will discover what happened to the populace that once inhabited it, and how to solve that dilemma.

Evo Explores Features:

? In Evo Explores you need to believe in eyes. If something looks real – it is real! If you do not visit a problem – there isn’t any problem at all.
? Manipulate impossible surreal structures, explore optical illusions and solve unbelievable puzzles. Every new level will unravel a brief history of Byte planet and its citizens.
? Evo is a space explorer. Every planet he visits is filled with mysteries. However the Byte planet is exclusive. Regular physical laws aren’t effective here. The gravity is under control of your imagination.
? Evo Explores was inspired with a beautiful game Monument Valley. We are big fans of original game but we like Evo Explores even more

The game’s mechanics are pretty straight forward, for the reason that players will either tap where they would like Evo to visit, or turn dials and slide objects around, to change the outlook during where Evo can go. You should check out a few of the gameplay with the video below.

Evo Explores is available from Google Play for $0.99. However, you’ve got a chance to win one of the 10 promo codes we’ve for Evo Explorers. All you need to do is leave a comment below saying you would like one and what you like probably the most about these kinds of games. We will contact the winners via email by Noon PST tomorrow (Feb. 18th, 2016).

Promo Code Winners:

– Robert Miller
– xoAlto
– Funem
– xanderten50
– Ashemie
– Heckles
– bolski
– Pablo Pastore
– John Hattan
– Brimanp

Evo Explorers (Playboard) | Evo Explorers (Play Store)

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