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Powder-Full Action in Operation Snowfall, now available for download

February is shaping as much as be considered a good month for snowboarding games. While everyone awaits Alto’s Adventure, which should be coming out this week, and Red Bull Media Home is releasing Snowboarding the Fourth Phase in a few days, there is a game out now by Defy Media, that is full of action and fresh powder. Don’t miss playing Operation Snowfall. It’s filled with variety, action and a snowboarding heroine, that may take on any James Bond action sequence.

Operation Snowfall is published by Defy Media and developed by Robomodo. If you are a fan of snowboarding and enjoy games like Ski Safari 1 and a pair of, then Operation Snowfall is right in your sweet zone. There’s a similar premise in that you are racing downhill from lava, that is trying to consume you and your snowboard. Throwing a little twist into the story, you’re a secret agent that’s in the midst of trying to defeat henchmen, all while doing fancy tricks and completing goals, on your trusty snowboard, or whatever secret vehicle is created available to you.

“Thanks for checking in Agent. We’ve traced the foundation of the lavalanche to the activities of the Mastermind and his growing conglomerate of Henchmen. We’re sending you in to gather intel and intercept the Mastermind before he collects enough diamonds to fund his evil plot!”Defy Media

Although the storyline is comparatively loose, this game is about the action. I actually do understand the animated cut scenes that take place from time to time throughout the game. Your nameless agent has some serious snowboarding skills. After running via a brief tutorial, you hit the slopes prepared to collect diamonds and take out the henchmen.

What I enjoy about Operation Snowfall is that it is a level-based game. Yes, it all about obtaining a high-score, however, you do not possess all the time on the planet to do it. That’s part of the challenge hanging around. You will find three different scores on each level that provide you your ranking. This is basically the way you three star the amount. Stars open the different sections in the game. While getting the score is essential, you also have to pull off different goals, or you will fail the level, no matter what your score is.

The controls hanging around are similar to Ski Safari. You’ve one button on the left side of your screen to leap, flip/rotate. Sleep issues from the screen has a button which you use to slide, to take out enemies, or in concert with the other button, to slam down for speed. The controls work well, rather than did I feel which i was unsuccessful because of poor controls.

Operation Snowfall is really a premium-priced game. That is right. This isn’t a free-to-play game. There are 60 levels to accomplish and they’re not all unlocked at the beginning of the game. Which means you are going to have take part in the levels well, and often more than once, so that you can earn the required number of stars to proceed to the following section in the game. I love that! Skill is required to move ahead, so be ready to be challenged.

Operation Snowfall Features:

  • Unlock and upgrade spy vehicles!
  • Race the lavalanche making a daring helicopter escape!
  • Complete over 60 missions.
  • Chase down Mastermind and knock out his henchmen!
  • Collect diamonds.
  • Earn high scores and compete against friends!
  • Earn achievements.
  • Receive top secret missions and intel from HQ!
  • Explore diverse environments while you race to stop the Mastermind!

As you progress hanging around, you’re given different spy vehicles to help you inside your mission to take down Mastermind. Each vehicle can be upgraded. You upgrade your vehicles using cash, that is easily acquired on your jaunts on the mountain. Some vehicles really are a bit simpler to maneuver than others, but it definitely provides variety in the game. Once you have unlocked a few vehicles, I am sure you will pick your preferred. However, some missions need you to collect so many diamonds, in order to take out numerous henchmen while grinding on the line. If you choose the appropriate vehicle, completing some of these tasks will be easier.

Operation Snowfall is integrated with Google Action Services with 37 achievements to unlock and leaderboards to to compete up with your friends. There’s a launch sale for the game at 50% off, at $1.99, that is a great price. I am not sure just how long the sale will last, so now is the perfect time to grab this phenomenal and fun snowboarding game. Some of the levels are very challenging, but that is why is Operation Snowfall a game title that is worth playing again and again.

Operation Snowfall (Playboard) | Operation Snowfall (Play Store)

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