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Glu Games releases Tap Sports Baseball 2016 onto Android today

Glu Games continues its foray into the sports genre. Tap Sports Baseball 2016 has become available to download within the Google Play Store. Swing batter swing! For those who have played any of the Tap Sports series, you will know the game play is quick, fun and generally engaging.

The games don’t require a large learning curve to savor. Tap Sports Baseball 2016 is really a game where you play against other players in various regions. The sport play is asynchronous. After you have taken your turn, another player is notified that it’s their turn to play. It can make it much easier to experience your own schedule. Even better, you can have multiple games going on at the same time.

The bottom line is, you’ll be managing your roster and seeking to upgrade your bench, or players. Since this is a free to experience game, you need to be ready to accumulate just as much in-game gold and funds as possible. You do this by winning games and gaining XP to upgrade your players. This can allow you to draft better players to your team. This proved helpful in the previous iteration from the game, as well as in Tap Sports Football.

So far as gameplay is concerned, all you need to worry about is striking the ball. There are no swiping motions to worry about. You just tap anywhere on the screen to get your player to swing at the ball. Glu Games has been doing a great job with all the animations that go in to the game. The different pitches that the pitcher throws are pretty impressive. The stats of the players versus the pitcher can make a positive change in gameplay, so managing your roster could be answer to winning the sport.

What I have enjoyed about this year’s version of the sport to date is it feels right. The background music is similar to what you will hear throughout a game, the crack of the bat and also the cheers for that home runs. The animations are solid and also the graphics are good without having to be overly detailed. It’s also nice so that you can hop in and out of a game title without interrupting a busy schedule. For any game where you are primarily just tapping the screen as the main interaction, and managing your team, it works quite well.

Tap Sports Baseball Features:

  • Easy one-touch controls
  • Build your team with real players
  • compete for baseball legends
  • Battle it in tournaments and leagues
  • Choose your strategy
  • Trade for superstar players
  • Join a golf club and earn the coolest rewards
  • Play with friends
  • Officially licensed product of Major League Baseball Players Association

Tap Sports Baseball 2016 is integrated with Google Action Services with 27 achievements to unlock and multiple leaderboards to compete on. The game is free of charge to play and fun to play too. If you like mobile baseball games, Tap Sports Baseball 2016 is worth looking at.

Tap Baseball 2016 (Playboard) | Tap Baseball 2016 (Play Store)

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