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Dream Machine the Game by GameDigits and Red Kite Games hits the Play Store

“Wait… it looks much like Monument Valley.” Hopefully, if that’s what you believe when you first see the screenshots of this game, you will get past that. When you purchase not to, for fear of it being another clone, you’d be passing up on an excellent game. Yes, it respectively nods in direction of Monument Valley using its art direction, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

There have been many debates about different games as being a clone of Monument Valley, or any other kinds of games being a clone of another. Everyone is eligible for their thoughts, so lets talk about farmville for which it’s. A great game that you should definitely try out. Dream Machine: The Game is a collaboration between GameDigits and Red Kite Games. Both companies are located in the UK. The most important thing to notice, is the fact that Red Kite Games has a few good games under their belt already including: God of War Remastered, Cod Strike Team, NomNom Galaxy, Wipeout, Firefly Runner, Pitfall (The latest iteration of the game that’s an endless runner.) not to mention now, Dream Machine: The Game. Since we all know what they’ve produced, it seems sensible in my experience that the gameplay of Dream Machine is highly-polished, cerebral, immersive and fun.

“Escape a cold, inhumane factory and free yourself into a mind-blowing fantasy world. Manipulate fantastical machinery and solve the numerous mysterious optical illusions that lie in wait. Use all what you can do to outlive the hazardous levels and fight epic boss battles. Guide your mechanical friend from an oppressive workplace and lead them to freedom.”GameDigits/Red Kite Games

Dream Machine stars a robot that wants to interrupt free from the norm. Doing so sends him on an epic journey, where he’ll encounter unusual contraptions as well as some bosses. The second was definitely welcome in the game, and quite unexpected. In terms of presentation, each level could be a poster that you would wish to frame and hang on your wall. The machines hanging around take presctiption display, and the gallery is filled with quizzical images to ponder. You will not have long to do that, while you pay attention to the mechanical footfalls of the robot, as he marches across the road to these unusual machines. You will have to manipulate them to get him to the exit.?Slightly?more nuanced but ever present, is really a foreboding sense of doom, which is provided by contemplative, yet tension-filled music. Some of the puzzles are easier than others, however the presentation of each, via different chapters is marvelous.

Dream Machine: The Game Features:

  • Visually stunning and pleasant to experience – Amazingly beautiful hand-crafted levels, containing 3D puzzles, impossible geometry and optical illusions. Dream Machine is easy to get and play but hard to put down.
  • Boss Battles – Combat your oppressors in daring boss battles. Use all your skill and brainpower to defeat the monsters out of this mechanical dream.
  • Replayability & Upgrades – Beat your very best level completion times to earn Cogs. These allow you to change your mechanical friend, achieve better times and climb Dream Machine’s competitive worldwide leaderboard.
  • Hazardous Levels – Exercise your intellect to resolve illusion puzzles and employ your expertise to stay alive.
  • 3D Touch Support – Enhanced with 3D Touch, Dream Machine enables you to control precisely the speed of your mechanical friend and gain an additional benefit.

The journey of your robot could be a perilous one. A good example is within Chapter 2: The Blades from the Regime. It took me a minute to get beyond the simple blades which are beneath your control. Turning the crank rotated the blades. That in itself wasn’t too difficult, but making sure your robot stopped at just the best place, took me a bit longer than it probably should have. That was on me though, no the controls from the game, which are simple. Tap your robot to prevent him and tap him again to obtain him going, or to change the direction he’s relocating. Also, whenever you turn the crank that controls the different parts of the puzzle, he’ll stop too.

You can replay the levels to earn more cogs, which can be used to change your robot. I like the finer degree of detail that’s been put into this game. Even returning and forth between the pages (Levels) in the chapter, has you rotating a bit of mechanical equipment (wheel) to do this. Touches such as this, really cause me to feel appreciate the degree of thought utilized in crafting farmville. The themes are well-thought out, and translate in different ways through the game.

If you like puzzle games, you should give Dream Machine a try. It will only cost you in regards to a dollar. I’m pretty sure that this is definitely an introductory sale price, so you may wish to grab it now and check out it. Where lots of will say that this a clone of Monument Valley, obviously they’d be right. “Clone: An individual or thing that duplicates, imitates, or closely resembles another in appearance, function, performance, or style.” – However, in mobile gaming, we ought to try to expand our meaning of the way we view games and just what merit we base them upon. I think creating a game that is as enjoyable as Monument Valley isn’t a bad thing by my standards, but that’s my estimation. In line with the meaning of clone, I am certain there’s probably someone travelling the earth that appears like me and is writing about games too. I’d hope that wouldn’t devalue how people him. Just a thought.

Dream Machine (Playboard) | Dream Machine (Play Store)


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